Saturday, March 12, 2011

2010 Pinks

I couldn't recap 2010 without a journey back into my pink blogposts. The lack of pink would be like living in a world where pink cotton candy, salt water taffy, and buttercream frosting didn't exist. Oh, how shameful to even think about it. 

So my dear blog friends, breathe deeply and absorb the sweetness.  

Pink Blessings to you,


vivian said...

I love all your pinks sister friend! I cant begin to imagine a world with out pink! hmmm.. never thought of thanking God for colors.. should do that right now!
have a great weekend

NanaDiana said...

Pinkaliciously beautiful! xxoo Diana

Caleen said...

How completely beautiful and gorgeous Pinks! Love it all! have a beautiful weekend :)

Dolly said...

So much prettiness.....
I am loving it!

Thank you Ele!


Suz said...

What a beautiful year of pink. I find pink to be just the happiest color. Reminds me of a piece of candy or a bowl of strawberry ice cream. You made a great mosaic to share its beauty.

Jean Tuthill said...

Very sweet, indeed!

info 4 all said...

wow. very nice

The Rose Room said...

Ele, your collages are all so pretty! Rachaelxo

Dawn (Bee and Rose) said...

You always are full of inspiration!

Dorota said...

Your blog is realy great!