Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Banner

Banners immediately say, "there's a party going on, or something special is happening." I usually have one or two up around the house, and why not? Life is special. One of my banners usually relates to our Midwest seasons or holidays.

Polka dots and owls, in Fall shades of oranges and browns hangs on my kitchen window. 

 To make this banner, or one similar:                           1
1) purchase chipboard base pieces, (the ones I found had the notch-v already cut out of them).
2) Select heavy scrap paper in a pattern you like. My favorite paper is two sided. Even though you will not see the opposite side, it makes the paper stronger. 3) Trace the shape of the chipboard unto the paper, and cut out. 4) Punch or drill holes in upper right and left hand corners of each chip board. 5) Brush on a thin layer of glue to the chipboard, (can also use a good glue stick) and attach paper. 6) punch through paper where chipboard hole is located by using a paper punch, or sharp hole punch tool. 7) Cut foot long pieces of ribbon, and thread through holes by pairing up two chipboard pieces at a time. Tie these two pieces together with knot or bow. 8) On the ends of the banner, attach a longer piece of ribbon for hanging purposes. 9) trim up any paper.
Easy Peasy, right?   Enjoy!    

Blessings, Ele

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Minimalism can be fresh and clean, but it's the fine details that draw me in, make me get closer, provide interest, and make something truly worthy of more then just a glance.

A little rhinestone, crinkled ribbon, paper flowers, buttons, a piece of jewelry, a splash of glitter, and some words of truth are the details that I am loving today.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why I Love Fall

Colorful leaves, cozy socks, sweaters, boots, 
and many more reasons to love fall!
Have you tried chalkboard markers? Tons of fun for Fall!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Coral Wedding

Coral, emerged as a popular 2014 summer wedding color. That perfect blend between pink and orange produces a hue that is fun and flirty. Throw in a little gray and oodles of crisp clean whites, and you have just mixed up a concoction of fabulous.

My little crew and I clocked in a gizillion hours for a June 2014 coral wedding. Working with an eclectic mix of decorations, a fabulous bride, and a coral and chevron theme proved to be a time of smiles and giggles.

How could we not smile watching the faces of the bride and groom, as they saw this for the first time:

I expect coral to be a "go to" wedding color for awhile. It just makes exudes happy.

 XOXO, Ele

Sunday, September 14, 2014

FAll is in The Air

The changing of seasons is very dramatic in the midwest. Warm days turn into chilly evenings, and chilly evenings tease of frost at night. Flowers and gardens are covered with blankets to keep them warm, to save them from demise. A blanket; a protector, a shield. For my family, this was a summer we would like to forget, but living with the loss of a loved one daily, does not allow. Cool evenings, covered with a warm blanket, holding on to those who are so dear, helps us forget...for just a moment.  

So, I have never been more ready to show signs of changing seasons in my home. It was time. Time for the pumpkins to arrive. 

Gone are the days of the indoors orange plastic pumpkins. Pumpkins come in all types of textures, shapes, and colors. My favorite, velvet pumpkins; luscious and dramatic just like the change of seasons. It oozes warmth.  

Peacock Blue Velvet Pumpkins
Caramel Colored Pumpkin

Visit www.etsy.com for some great handmade pumpkins.....and take time to snuggle with your loved one.

xoxo, Ele