Sunday, January 11, 2015

Reflecting on Christmas 2014

Looking back, remembering the blues, silver and sparkles that were part of my home for Christmas 2014.  

 The other part, brights with shades of red.


Missing it, already. 

Friday, January 9, 2015


It's this time of year when decorating, for me, seems to become a paradox. A mix of winter (and I mean ND winter), with planning for warm trips. It's the conflict between beautiful crystal trees, shimmering snow, brisk temperatures, vs. seashells, warm sand, and the heat of the sun.

As this conflict of nature surrounds my soul, it amazes me how the two can have qualities that are the same: beautiful clear blue skies, the calming sound of the ocean/wind, and shimmering sand/snow. Sameness in the midst of conflict.  

So how does this work in decorating my home without it looking messy? Calm the conflict by finding common ground. In this case I drew on both color and texture.
Silver crystal-like starfish and crystal branches= an interesting paradox that brings sameness to conflict. 
To glitter starfish use spray adhesive and shake on silver glitter or glass glitter. Use a glitter tray from a craftstore. It will save you frustration and glitter!
...and may you feel God's blessings in the New Year,
even when they might not be right in front of you. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Joining Inspire me Monday.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I hope that you are able to find thankfulness. If this holiday has been one of trials, I hope you are able to venture through the lonliness, sadness, pain, and/or frustration to a place of calm, love, and thankfulness.

At my house, on holidays, vintage items make their way from the cabinet, to the dining room table.  Worn treasures that were once loved are still loved. Some items have belonged to my loved ones, others carry the mystery of their existence in their cracks and crevices. I can only wonder whose table they onced graced.

But for now, they are on my table, spreading love to those who broke bread with us today, and reminding us, that we have reasons to be thankful.

Blessings and God's Peace,

Friday, November 14, 2014

Rhinestone Broach Wreath

Black velvet and rhinestone/pearl broaches come together in a circle wreath. My original plan was to make a Christmas wreath, but I feel like this could be carried through past the Holidays.
I'm really pleased with the black sparkle velvet I selected. It provides a nice contrast with the rhinestones and pearls, and the light blue of the wall. 
Rhinestone and pearl broaches circle the wreath, but center
 stage is a large blingy rhinestone flower.
If you're wondering how I made this, I used a spool of holiday ribbon (30ft. but didn't use all of it), and wrapped it around a white dense stryofoam wreath (not the green type). I secured the very last end ribbon with a decorative pearl pin, (in the back). Another ribbon piece acts like a hanger, (also secured with a pearl pin). Broaches were attached with their pinback stuck straight into the foam. A few pearl pins were used to further secure the broaches.  

Rhinestone and pearl broaches in a classic circle wreath.
Blessings, Ele


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Adding Lace & Crochet to your Home

It's everywhere. Lace adds texture, warmth, and a layer of depth. It pretends to be the background of the canvas introducing the focal point, but it really is the star of the show. A little lace around my home, paired with vintage items, directs your eye to the object and then back to the lace again.


Ready for some serious lace, a lot of lucite, and a whole lot of stylish juxtaposition?
Let's just say, I'm in love. A girl can dream about this design by Jennifer McGarigle. It runs about $3,000.


My favorite lace item, in my house? My baptismal gown, also worn by my daughter.
This lace is beautiful, sheer and delicate.
Lace is even finding it's way unto lampshades on . I'm impressed. Like I said, it's everywhere. Oh dear, we've only begun!  
Have a fabulous week!