Sunday, November 2, 2014

Adding Lace & Crochet to your Home

It's everywhere. Lace adds texture, warmth, and a layer of depth. It pretends to be the background of the canvas introducing the focal point, but it really is the star of the show. A little lace around my home, paired with vintage items, directs your eye to the object and then back to the lace again.


Ready for some serious lace, a lot of lucite, and a whole lot of stylish juxtaposition?
Let's just say, I'm in love. A girl can dream about this design by Jennifer McGarigle. It runs about $3,000.


My favorite lace item, in my house? My baptismal gown, also worn by my daughter.
This lace is beautiful, sheer and delicate.
Lace is even finding it's way unto lampshades on . I'm impressed. Like I said, it's everywhere. Oh dear, we've only begun!  
Have a fabulous week!

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