Sunday, December 28, 2008

Part 2- Merry Christmas From My Home

A little mischief has been happening at my house lately. I caught "her" in action. Remember Mitten? She's our newest addition that was found in the mall parking lot by "Pink Girl". It's Mitten's first Christmas and she has been enjoying the decorations!

Pink and cream colored decorations adorn this tree. A few "holes" where the branches are separated thanks to Mitten. I like to hang a few pieces of altered art on the tree. A little unexpected as they aren't really Christmas decorations. The "nest" birdhouses are new this year and made by Beth.

A Pink Christmas stocking that I made a couple of years ago with lots of trims.

Pink polka dotted Christmas stockings made by Michelle.

Another Christmas stocking made by me. It is made out of recycled (thrift store) wool sweaters. Make sure you use a sweater that is at least 90% wool. Wash it in HOT water and also dry it on HOT. You should end up with a tight piece of wool (felt). Cut it the shape you want and sew together! Notice the second picture below. The top part of the stocking is folded over. Add some embellishments and a ribbon hanger.

The teacup tree is below. Miniature teacups, teapots, sugar spoons, and hydrangea flowers hang on this tree. This tree is actually a half tree and it hangs flat against the the wall.
Next pic is our traditional Christmas tree. This tree is filled with the ornaments we have collected through the years. I also put on red candles as this was my grandmother's tradition. We don't light the candles, but we did when I was a little girl! I found the candle clips at a Stabo store (Scandinavian Imports).

Love this little Santa guy and snow covered crystal tree.
As you may already know, I dislike pictures on my fridge. To solve this problem a few months ago, we added these bulletin boards to our kitchen. Perfect for displaying Christmas cards.

We have been enjoying a beautiful day of sunshine and lots of snow. This is the snow that has piled up outside my kitchen window.

Mr. Pink Heaven is on the roof outside of our bedroom window. He's trying to remove some of the snow that has accumulated on our roof. Yes, I leaned out of the window to take this picture.

If you haven't looked at Part 1 of Merry Christmas From My Home, please visit the post below.
Have a Happy and safe New Year.


Unknown said...

Ele, all your goodies are beautiful! I love the pink stocking with all the trims on it and thank you for the info on how to make a stocking out of an old wool sweater! What a great idea! Thanks for your sweet comment on my tatted tree-top angel! :)
Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE those stockings you made!!! They're so soft and feminine!! Just gorgeous!!!
Hope you have a wonderful New Year's! :)


The Muse said...

Wow..I read through the post twice and enjoyed all the pics!
Your creations are fabulous!

Connie said...

Yep, hubs has been shoveling snow for a week now - about 6 times so far, sweets!! Adorable tree. I'm wondering if someone has had a "ROSE" tree. I think that would be pretty. Maybe I can do one next year......
Smooches, girlfriend

Farmchick said...

Love your trees...that flat one is really neat (sweet)! ha I see a Christmas card on your bulletin board that looks vaguely familiar! :) Happy New Year!!!

Unknown said...

ELE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the rhinestones!!!!! GORGEOUS!! The stockings are fabulous! IS there anything you cant do perfectly?? My goodness, I love it all! And your new kitty is precious!!!

Wishing you a beautiful and safe New year!

Love you,

Jennifer said...

Ele Hello.Mittens is adorable in the tree,Cinderella does the same thing.I bet they think we put the tree up just for them.Mittens looks so pretty next to that pale blue tussy.

Your stocking are so beautiful!I should do that with mine,I shrunk some beautiful wool ones by accident and they won't fit me now.I saw on Martha Stewert where she uses the sleeves and makes mittens.So there is really no waste when your done with the sweater.

I love your rhinestones pins on your stockings too.

Wow that is alot of snow.I guess you had a white christmas then.It hot here in the high 70's.

Your flat tree is the cutest thing I ever saw.So cute with your tea pots and all.

Laurie said...

Ele, I came across your blog while surfing through comments. I love it! How beautiful everything is, inspiring!

HippieDog said...

Hi Ele!!

Oh Mitten is so cute!! He is a naughty little one isn't he? :) Also, I really love the bulletin boards....I was debating on bulletin or dry erase board or both. Did it come with the black or did you paint the trim? Happy week and I'll write soon :) xo said...

I broke into a big smile a that first photo of 'Mitten' peaking through the tree! Rachaelxo


The pink stockings are beautiful, all of them. What a silly cat. That photo is contest material.

Caleen said...

Your home is lovely and I love all your decorations.. I love the wool stocking. Thanks for the know-how.. I have wanted to make some out of wool but, not sure how.. I also love the pictures and all your snow.. wow!
Everything is so beautiful and you make everything look so festive and complete.. Hope your Holidays were special and a Happy New Year too!!

Cathy said...


I love the pictures of all the pretties, but I have to admit I was laughing out loud all the way through your post once I saw the first picture of the kitty sitting in between the tree branches.

Too darn cute.

Happy New Years to you too!

xo Cathy

Roxie Morrow said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! How have you been? Did you have a good Holiday, get everything you want?
Mittens is so darn cute and I LOVE the polka dot stockings!

Betty said...

Oh, my, your stockings are beautiful! You are another of those marvelously creative people. I will be back to check out your previous posts.

I also have a bulletin board for my favorite pictures...I change them out now and then.

Thanks for visiting me...I love finding new blogs to follow.

Sandy said...

I am so glad you stopped over for a visit. It looks like you had a bit of heaven in your home decor! I love the altered art on your tree and the snow, Oh, I wish we had snow! I must drop to the post below to see more of your Christmas.

Maija said...

Everything is so pretty. Ele! Mitten looks like a naughty little kitty!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What beautiful pics, Ele! Love them all. Mitten is just too cute! And my goodness, what a LOT of snow!!

I just adore my book pages & the beautiful & fragrant little stocking sachet! You are such a doll!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

vivian said...

hi Ele!
I love your decorations! the little tea cup tree is especially adorable! I need a bigger house to do everything I want to do! great pictures of your hubby on the roof! hope he got all that snow cleared off to make room for more!!
have a great week!

Kai said...

I am SO SHAMEFULLY BEHIND visiting blogs! Eeeeks! But I really am GLAD to be here at Pink Heaven because it did me such good to look at all the pretties at your house! And I LOVED seeing that darling kitty in the tree! What a beauty! Big hugs to you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Ele - that first picture had me laughing out loud!

p.s. Happy New Year to you and yours!


Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your ideas are lovely. Have a happy new year!

debi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your beautiful Christmas decorations!
Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Hi Ele~
WOW..look at all that snow!!!! Ours is already gone, with more on its way! That will be our pattern all winter long! Does yours stay all winter?

I wanted to thank you so much for the goodies you sent! I LOVE it all!!! And WOWziers on the turned out marvelous! Thanks so much for doing all of that!

Your home and decor is nothing less than pefection my I knew it would be. And mittens is so enjoying it all! I love their curiousity!

Love ya...Lorena

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post...your decorations and photos are just beautiful.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Beth Leintz said...

I've been wanting to try a thrift store felted project, so it was fun to see your pretty Christmas stocking. Happy New Year, my friend!

Secondhandrose said...

Ele, it is all so pretty. I especially like the stocking you made from a sweater. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Sweetina said...

What a stunning tree and an adorable Kitty! Your post is a delightful smile bringer!
I love your creations! (pink!Scream!) and snowy photos!
Have an abundant and blessed New year,Ele!

Barbara Jean said...

I love that white wool stocking.
Isn't felted wool the greatest to work with?
I'm enjoying your beautiful site.
Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Jean

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Ele, your christmas decorations are just SO beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful holiday... xoxo Heather

Cherub Kisses Boutique said...

Awww! Look at your sweet kitty!!

¸.·´¸.·♥´¨) ¸.·♥¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ ♥ Happy 2009! ♥ ♥ ¸.·´¸.·♥´¨).
¸.·´ ¸.·♥´¨) ¸.·♥¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (.,♥