Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to School

I am the Summer Mother.
The mother that loves having the children home for the summer, and hates when school starts.
The mother most Back to School magazine articles briefly mention.
The forgotten mother.
The mother that is mislabeled as "organized, perfectionist, or has it together".

The Back to School articles are funny, humorous and somewhat amusing as Winter Mothers "lose it" from being around their children all summer. The mothers exuberantly post the countdown days until school starts, and yell "yahoo" as they drop their child off at school. The first day of school, is their favorite day of the year.

not me.
i am a sad state.
for 20 years I have sent a child(ren) off to school.
i avoid the countdown like the plague.

Yes, I am the mother that followed the bus for each child's very first day of school, (kindergarten). It was a parade of sorts. Stopping to pick up children. The bus, another car, and I, traveled in a single file line. See, I wasn't the only one. The classroom teacher (was forced to) shut the door on my face as I tried to get my child to wave to me one more time. Yeah, I've got it together.

Yes, I am the mom whining in the school supply aisle. Did you see my child holding my hand? It was for me. They get me. They reassure me that they "have" to go to school and it will be alright. My child(ren) is the one that checks and double checks the school supply list, and once we get home goes through everything a third time just to make sure he/she has what is needed. They say I'm organized, hmm?

I have sent children to school as close as 3 miles away, and as far away as Greece. Distance is not the issue. It feels the same. If my child travels by train/plane to get back to school (college), I say good bye at the front door. Mr. Heaven is their chauffeur to the airport, or train station. It's my way of handling it. They understand. Perfection? Hardly.

So, as this school year starts I say, "Summer and Winter Mothers unite." I think we should help each other the whole year. None of us are organized, perfect, or have it all together. We all just do the best we can.

Have a great 3 day weekend,


June said...

Beautiful post Ele. I loved my children being home for summer. The carefree days (and nights) spent playing on the farm, picking green apples and wading in the creek. When school started, however my children adapted quickly, almost relieved to have a routine again. Happy to see their friends and start their new grades. I quess you could say that I adapted as well, but still hated giving up the days of having the children safe around me.
Your children are blessed to have you as their mother.

savvycityfarmer said...

a mother's heart is always that ...a mother's heart


Karin said...

I totally get it.... :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Ele,

Great post.
I am like you, love to have my children home and going back to school was hard after all the carefree Summer holidays.

I hope that it goes well for your Children back to school and yourself.

happy weekend

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my gosh........ME TOO! I used to cry on back to school day...(my little grandson just started third grade and I drove to the other side of town to be with him the day before school started for his meet and greet and then again the next morning for his first day of I have every single year).

My daughter went to school year around for several years in elementary school. I LOVED it....she went for nine weeks, then had three weeks off. I blasted around getting everything done for those nine weeks and while she was home I just did things with her. It was just the best. She didn't forget what they had learned, didn't get too tired of school and looked forward to our special Mother-Daughter days...

Glad to have met another Mommy who has a tough time letting them go!


Lori said...

i am with you Ele:) the grade school my boys attended when they were younger had an opening ceremony on the lawn the first day of every school year...i would have tears streaming down my face the entire time...i was the only one that i could ever see having this reaction...i am happy to know i was not alone...only separated by the miles from like minded mothers!!!

Judi said...

Hi Ele
I know what you mean. I didn't like my children leaving me for school either. I missed them. When my eldest son got married I knew I would miss him even though he didn't live far from me. It was going to be a real change. We all adapted well enough to the change and I'm blessed to have the love I share with my sons.

When I look at new moms and moms of little ones I think to myself, enjoy them with all your heart and spend your special time together. It may feel like "this" is your life forever...busy busy...but before you know it they are all grown and those years are gone except for the beautiful memories.

I loved your has brought all kinds of sweet memories..
have a nice weekend...

Kai said...

Yes, Ele - I am now TOTALLY convinced we were twins in another life. On my daughter's first day of kindergarten, I handed her over to the evil ... I mean TEACHER ... and watched as other children around us cried & clung to their mommies. I waited, SURE my child would do the same. But she happily skipped away, looking back only to say, "Bye, Mom. You can go home now." Sigh. I LOVED this beautiful post, my friend! And I SO relate!

Unknown said...

Oh Ele, I am the same way and I know just how you feel!!! My boys go back on Tuesday and I am so sad. I agree we should all unite!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Ele what a greta post. Must be something about mothers, just have to know they are okay

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

That was such a wonderful, heartfelt post. You made me laugh and you brought a tear to my eye all at the same time. My boys go back to school on Wednesday and I have such mixed feelings about it. I know that it is time because boredom is starting to set in for them and there is a definite need for some structure and routines. I kind of let us all go with the flow all summer which makes for a lot of fun. My little guy ate chips for breakfast more times than I care to tell you about!! : ) Now it's back to structure and routine. I think it's more difficult for me to go back to that then them!! Take care and God bless. : )

~ Wendy

vivian said...

cute post Ele. I always loved having my kids home for the summer. We had the best fun going to the lake, swimming lessons, the towns summer rec program (I ran the arts and crafts part when I didnt work)catching frogs and snakes, playing with GI Joes, setting up elaborate camps for them in the back yard, playing with Barbies, building them barbie campers out of large cardboard boxes, visits to skateparks, playing hopscotch and jumprope, almost daily picnics... but.. even as much fun as all this was.. it was always a pleasure to send them off to school! then I did do a little happy dance and say time for mommy to play!! thats when all the halloween and christmas creating would get started!
I love not having to buy school clothes and supplies now.. or trying to get my youngest to get up for the bus.. my mornings are sooo much more relaxed now! but I do miss all those sweet freshly washed faces giving me kisses and hugs good bye on the way out to the bus!
rambling here arent I??
have a lovely day!