Sunday, April 3, 2011

Banners in Style

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Here a banner, there a banner, everywhere a banner banner.
Whatever you choose to call them; banners, pennants, or buntings, they are all in style. They are not just for birthdays and holidays. They are for every day!  

A great thing about mixed meda art is that you get to use everyday found objects and incorporate it into your creations. Flashcards? Yep, flashcards. I'm not the first to use flashcards, nor will I be the last. I think the appeal is that it takes us back to elementary school. It's the feeling of mastering numbers, and numbers are hot, in style, the thaaaang that makes a mixed media artist's heart beat.
I made this garland out of flash cards, music paper, and some vintage ledger paper. I threw in some vintage jewels, a cameo and a paper flower. I strung seam binding through punched holes, and added a few scrunched pieces to stream down. Oh so easy, try it you'll see!

Banners are for everyday. Hang them across a mirror, a window, or wall.

Blessings, Ele


NanaDiana said...

Banners of life! I love them, Yours are beautiful, Ele! Hugs-Diana

vivian said...

love how you used the flashcards. I would not have ever thought of that!
so pretty!


I absolutely love these. So creative! So green! Don't you love old ledgers and sheet music?

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I just did a post about using flashcards too...they are so fun to create with! Love your cute banner...and I also just did a giveaway...are we on the same wave length right now? haha

Karin said...

So cute Ele....I love the flashcards...

Passionate for White said...

How wonderfully creative!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Your banner is so fun...and whimsical...and CUTE! I loved *all* of your collages below...each has its own beauty!

Sarah said...

Another cute banner! You are right they are for everyday. Thanks for the inspiration!