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Crisp, clean, and fresh are the perfect words to describe Chevron. Lately, it seems that Chevron is zig-zagging everywhere.  Used as a great decorating tool for my 20-30 year old nieces, am I too old for this? Does there seem to be an age limit for this colorful, easy to use, but a little daring zig-zag?  Did grandma have a Chevron pillow to go along with her sunbonnet girl quilt? Let's explore.
fabrics by Riley Block 
The Darling Stewardess opened her ever so cute doors to a couple of chevron walls.  If you missed my post on this shop go here. Young and old were awestruck not only by the shop, but the vibrant zigzag. Not too much, not too little, but juuuust right.
Lets take a closer look.

This wall was prepped by taping, measuring, and painting; taping, measuring, and painting; taping, measuring, and painting; taping, measuring, and painting; etc. Not for the faint of heart, or for the "hurry up"do it yourselfer, but the outcome is amazing.
How does a mustard chevron wall translate into a home. I'd say, nicely. Don't you agree? I could actually see this in my grandma's kitchen. It would have gone well with the white cupboards, and grandma was never stuck in a neutral zone. Her kitchen was bright yellow!
I, however can get stuck in neutral, so these chevron desk areas would be perfect for me, (and my 50 year old brain).  
         photo credit: DIYstencils                                    photo credit: becauseiliketodecorate
The above left picture was painted using DIY stencils from Etsy. If you are creating zigzags using stencils, it is recommended that you use spray adhesive for clean paint lines.  
Chevron is not just for walls. Table runners and pillows from Simply Divine by Joanne on Etsy, could be used in anyone's home. I could easily have that pillow in my sunroom. 
I conclude that chevrons crisp, clean, fresh style is for everyoneIt seems to be zig-zagging it's way into everyone's heart, even mine.
Have a blessed Wednesday, and remember to be fabulous and classy (Coco Channel).
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