Friday, September 19, 2014

Coral Wedding

Coral, emerged as a popular 2014 summer wedding color. That perfect blend between pink and orange produces a hue that is fun and flirty. Throw in a little gray and oodles of crisp clean whites, and you have just mixed up a concoction of fabulous.

My little crew and I clocked in a gizillion hours for a June 2014 coral wedding. Working with an eclectic mix of decorations, a fabulous bride, and a coral and chevron theme proved to be a time of smiles and giggles.

How could we not smile watching the faces of the bride and groom, as they saw this for the first time:

I expect coral to be a "go to" wedding color for awhile. It just makes exudes happy.

 XOXO, Ele

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vivian said...

Pretty! My daughter is supposed to get married next sept. (Not sure what's up with that deal at the moment... ) anyways, coral is o e of her colors. Coral and navy.
Thanks for sharing!