Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fleurs en Bleu

Looking out my farm house kitchen window, this is what I see.

My vintage church studio building surrounded and covered with snow. It is looking pretty lonely as my visits this time of year are few. I am still cleaning, and organizing my house.

It is cold outside, but the sun shines brightly. The air is fresh and crisp. Despite the beauty of winter, it is this time of year that I begin to hold on to the promise of spring blooms. I am well aware of designers who are shouting, "get rid of the silk flowers", but I they live where I live? Do they KNOW that the upper mid west growing season is extremely short? Do they realize that some of us yearn for blooms. Dare I say....even fake? Every year, I promise myself that I will not succumb to traditional FAKE blossomry, but I do. Especially when I came upon this huge bouquet.
My dining room table can seat 12 people, and this bouquet is a grand size. I was also pleased at how well it matched the upholstery on the chairs.

Fleurs en Blue.
Flowers in Blue.
Admiring the blue hydrangea flowers, I realized that I have a blue flower theme in my home.

Blessings, Ele


Connie said...

It's gorgeous, sweetpea. I've always loved that studio/church!!

Homekeeping Heart said...

I say, who cares whether or not you have silk flowers or not. You have to create your own beauty in whatever way you can.

Love your blog, found you through "the partea planner's" site.

Lori said...

what a beautiful view Ele...that view would make a lovely picture on a greeting card or post card...your blue flowers are so pretty!!!

Caleen said...

What a beautiful picturesque setting of your church. Looks beautiful with the sun peeking through. I don't give into decorating rights and wrongs. I think you are right to go with the silk flowers. They are so beautiful they look real. I love all your blue plates too. I am really starting to love blue.. I am going to try to incorporate it more into my home.

Unknown said...

Wht beautiful blues! The Fleurs are not bad, either! They are gorgeous, infact! :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing view, it's absolutely stunning.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

How wonderful to have a view like that, let alone be able to say its your studio.

Silk flowers are still popular over here in England. They are so lifelike these days, go with the flow and be a trend setter not a follower!

Take care
Alex X

Betty said...

Love your view and your beautiful bouquet! I have silk flowers because it is truly too hot here to have beautiful gardens. I love the colors...they brighten up rooms and moods!

Sugar Bear said...

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about faux flowers as long as you like them! I think they look perfect on your table.

Jean Tuthill said...

You are some lucky gal to have your own church! It must be so inspiring to work there. I was in an antique store in my home town that was originally a church and it felt so calm and serene. It was nice. I wished then that I had my own. The silk flowers are beautiful, and I use them, too, here in New England.

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hi El,How drop dead gorgeous your scenery is.And all the blue dishes are to die for.i love that blue cup and saucer displayed,the one with the daisies I believe.Just fab.Hugs Marie Antionette

Beth Leintz said...

The picture of your church is chilly but beautiful- so peaceful. And why not go with some faux flowers- they sure brighten up the room!

vivian said...

I have a big silk flower arrangement that I keep out in early spring through summer. there are some very realistic fake flowers out there.. some of them quite expensive.. but worth having a beautiful lasting bouquet! Yours is gorgeous! your table seats 12? I can barely get 6 around mine!!
have a sweet week!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Your floral arrangement is gorgeous!
And I love all of the pretty blue floral china.

Kimberly :)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Ele, I was just here and suddenly everything disappeared. LOL!! I love seeing your church covered in snow. So pretty.
Your blue plates are gorgeous and the table arrangement is beautiful which I am sure helps with the hopeful dreams of warmer weather.
Today's gorgeous silks come so close to real, that I say~~ use them. Your home is lovely.

Stay warm~~ we are predicted to have ice. Last week was in the 80's

Hugs, Celestina Marie

tam said...

Beautiful phot of the church-very cool that it is your studio-lucky girl! Your house is gorgeous! I am glad we dont have snow like that here-you would think of us as wimps the way we get all twitterpated over a little snow! LoL! Hope you are having an awesome week~Smiles~Tam!

Kara said...

Ele thanks for your beautiful words on my blog, I hope you are well.
The snow is just beautiful as are the piccy's of your home

Anonymous said...

Your church studio is breathtaking Ele!!!
I don't know why designers say fake flowers are bad!! I think so many of them now days look extremely real! Plus, they last such a long time as real ones are quickly gone. I think your bouquet is gorgeous!!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I'm inspired just looking at the lovely picture of your studio!

Secondhandrose said...

Ele, that is such a pretty pic of your studio/church. Even if it is covered in that white stuff! lol. Your dining room is pretty.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Breathtaking vintage in your photos! I especially love the floral arrangement on your dining table and your lovely blue floral dishes. So nostalgic!

Nicole ~ said...

I must say that view looking out at your church studio is stunning. I leave in Texas, and we never see snow. It looks just like a picture.

I love your bouquet, at first I thought is was real. I think it looks great on your table.

Have a wonderful day - Nicole~

Anonymous said...

Lots of snow there too, huh? :)Wanted to tell you - be sure and stop by my blog for your chance to win a free one year mag subscription!


Kai said...

Oh, Ele! I think one of these days you will go into your beautiful church building & find a naughty Kai-mouse living there. It looks so inviting to me! As for your flowers, seeded or silk, my dear friend, they look elegant. Funny, I am generally not a blue person in ANY sense of the word, but I love blueware, too. The plates look lovely displayed as you have them! Ele, you should have been a interior designer! You have such a touch!

Michelle McGee said...

Are you kidding? A church studio? I am SO jealous!!!! Not to mention that you actually have a farm house kitchen window!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Ele! Just stopping by to check on you! Oh, my heart just skips a beat every time I see your church! I hear you are back in the PRH group, so I'm thrilled about that!

I left an award for you on my blog post today!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

On The Wings Of Love said...

Wow, that studio looks divine !

You're so lucky but I'm sure it was a lot of work. Churches always have a feeling of peacefulness to them so it must be lovely to work in there.


Linda said...

Hi Ele,
I love silk flowers, although they might not have the wonderful scent of the real thing, at least they last much longer, and I can never get real flowers to sit in a vase nicely.
Cheers and best wishes

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

It is so beautiful!! We are suppose to get snow here tonight...m.

ArtSparker said...

It's okay, artificial flowers still count for Feng Shui

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Nice blog. And how cool to have your studio in a restored church.
Thanks for entering my giveaway. I am so enjoying getting to meet all you very creative bloggers.

pedalpower said...

I absolutely love your studio...what a dream! said...

Even if you can't get to it, its a lovely view to have! Your flowers are lovely and I do love the tee-shirt! Rachaelxo


What a beautiful view you have and that building is yours~you a lucky girl!!

Chelsea Van Tol said...

very pretty

Anonymous said...

That blue cup on the top is just scrumptuous! The church is just beautiful in the snow!


Tamara Jansen said...

That Church/Studio is just.....well.....heavenly :) You're a lucky gal!

Jessi Nagy said...

hey there sweets,
oooh i love your studio, so cool.
so many wonderful pics.
hope all is well.


Unknown said...

Ele...I like you do many faux and dried flowers. Those nay sayers don't live in the cold like we do with spring not coming til mid-Apr/May! And being a bit partial to BLUE myself..I just might have to come up there and midnight rec those pretty blue plates you were showing! lol

Love ya...Lorena

Pearl said...

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Anonymous said...

I liked your silk arrangements. I like it that you have it in spite of the 'decorators'. Frankly, I think you should go with your own tastes.
Beautiful pictures!

Suz in the Tules

Sharon said...

A beautiful view of the old building, looks like it should be on a greeting card.

The big bouquet is lovely even if it is silk, who cares.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Silk flowers are in all the design shows I've attended. They are being manufactured to resemble the real flowers so closely...sometimes I'll have to walk up and touch them just to make sure they're artificial. There's been times when my housekeeper has been tempted to water them. Everything looked beautiful, especially the floral arrangement.
The picture of the church studio, is it yours?

Sweet Wishes,

Laurie said...

I love your blog! Your dishes and flowers are so pretty!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hello! This is my first visit to A Bit of Pink Heaven and it is lovely and very interesting. You write well and lay things out beautifully for us, not to mention how creative you are!
I have to say that I love my "fake" flowers, but I chose to call them "silks." :) I use real ones from my yard when they are available. To me, silk flowers, paintings of flowers, floral fabrics, anything with flowers on it is special to me. I buy top quality silks and feel they are an investment as they don't wilt or die, can be rotated and with care last for years.
Yours are beautiful and you should not feel bad about using them. Todays silks are made so realistically that one can almost not tell they are silk. I am so glad I found your lovely blog and I will return.

Maija said...

Oh my goodness! Do you live in heaven? The photo is so beautiful and ethereal!