Saturday, January 14, 2012

Change Those Drawer Pulls

What a week this has been, We have a really sick dog, and on the morning of her already scheduled vet appointment, our beloved chocolate lab got sprayed by a skunk. Poor baby, Isabel. In case you are wondering, you bathe skunk ridden loved ones in hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a little soap, and you give them benedryl for swollen eyes.  As for the original illness,we are hoping she doesn't have to have surgery. 
...along with the sick dog, I am having to say goodbye to all my babies, (the human ones who smell better). They are going back to their lives far, far away. Again, my house will be quiet, sigh.....(that's a sad sigh, not a good one).

So, lets move on to happy thoughts and decorating.

Want an easy way to change the look of a desk, dresser, cabinet, sofa table, or anything that has drawer pulls? Change the knobs! 
I shudder to even say that changing knobs is a DIY project, because it is shamefully easy. Can you unscrew a bolt with your fingers, or if it is tight, use a plyers to hold the bolt and twist the knob, if necessary? If you are trying to impress someone with your skill ability, I'd say that your toddler did it, but the design eye for picking out the knobs, was all yours! People will say your furniture is chic, fashionable. and even a little avant guard.
 I find that the best drawer pulls are found at craft stores, or specialty stores. Hardware stores do have them, but designs are limited. Also, wait for sales, glass pulls can run up to $10 a piece. 
In case, you are wondering, this desk was originally stained and highly varnished. I applied an oil based primer, and an oil based black paint. Yes, oil based is hard to work with as it doesn't wash off, but I wanted a high gloss look that doesn't chip. Unless you have worked with oil based products before, I don't recommend it. Use a glossy latex paint and primer for a similar look. Certain paints come with the primer already added. If your furniture piece has any sheen to it, lightly sand with a low grit sand paper and wipe off any dust. Apply a couple of coats of primer, then paint, (or use the paint and primer in one).  For information on the gold writing go here


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Diane Mars said...

Hope your troubles turn around...very sad when our pets are sick. I love the pulls great choice. Diane