Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Music Paper Wreath

I seriously love music paper; notes dancing, neutral colors and gold undertones of vintage paper, the rich history of the music, and in some cases the words of the songs. All are visually pleasing.   

I shared a music paper Christmas wreath with you here:

Here is another wreath, made in the same technique as the Christmas wreath, but this one can be used year round. It has a paper medallion center that is embellished with bits from a vintage bingo card, and old ledger paper. Vintage ephemera     .......................Love, Love, Love!

We have had a lovely fall and start of winter, but the cold weather has hit, (Tweleve below this morning!). It is definately a crafting day, and my fashionable attire includes jammie pants, ugg slippers, a sweater, and a fuzzy blanket. I am not walking over to my church studio as I am a big baby and don't want to go outside! Thankfully, I have an emergency tote with supplies in my home. 

Our dog is doing much better and it looks like she will  not have to have surgery, yeah!


3 comments: said...

Very pretty Ele! I love jammy days! So happy to hear about your dog! Rachaelxo

Greenmare said...

pretty! did the hydrogen peroxide backing soda bath work? my dog got sprayed this past summer and we tried that, tomato juice, and the special skunk bath at Petco. time was the best option.

vivian said...

love the musical wreath. I keep thinking I want to make one one of these days, but then I forget until I see one again!
Glad your puppy is ok. I hate when something is wrong with one of my pets!
sweet dreams!