Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sometimes I feel like my design is all over the place, because I like so many different looks and mediums, but one thing remains the same: group like things together. Case in point is the Christmas table centerpiece that I arranged. 

Looks impressive (if I do say so myself), but simple simon, really. Just follow the rule: like things together. Here is how you can recreate the look!
  1. Buy a dozen roses at a discount store, and another bouquet, but make sure the second bouquet has at least two large, or three medium flowers that are identical. Also, I bought a bundle of tree greenery since it was Christmas, but you can use fern or something similar.
  2. Since the flowers were purchased at a discount store, you have to slice off all the thorns and the bottom leaves. Fill your kitchen sink with water and cut each stem under the water. You might have to trim them again when you are actually arranging to get the exact length you want, but ALWAYS cut under the water. 
  3. Use a container the same shape as your table, I used a ceramic rectangle. Tuck in wet florist foam and put in water and florist food (powder you get with your flowers). Foam should be soaked, but not covered in water.
  4. Stick greenery in the foam around the outer edge, and when using a rectangle, the longest pieces should be on the end.
  5. You have completed your bottom layer. Think of this arrangement as four layers.
  6. Take the two or three identical flowers, (in my case, two large green cabbage roses) and center in the middle of the bouquet. This is your top layer.
  7. Follow with a dozen roses surrounding the large center flowers. Remember you may have to recut the roses to the length you want.
  8. Inbetween the greenery and dozen roses, position any other flowers you might have. I grouped small lime mums together and worked my way around, using like flowers in clumps and any single flowers that came with the bouquet. Fill in as needed.   
  9. Viola, you are done!
  10. Water daily. I make my arrangements the day before, but it should last 5-7 days if you purchase fresh flowers. Ask the store what day they get shipments. Some places will actually pull out the flower colors you want and save them for you!

Think dinner parties, Valentines Day, or look ahead to Easter!
Blessings, Ele


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Beautiful, Ele!

Sandy said...

It's beautiful... More is more *beautiful*! Happy New Year! xoso Sandy

parenting articles said...

but it looks really nice. it's not all over the place.

parenting articles

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Ele!
Happy New to you! What a beautiful arrangement. Thank you for the tutorial.