Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year!

Happy New Year! 
This is my favorite room in my house. It gives me a calming peace. I have shown you this room before, but it has evolved the past year with more texture, shades of creams, and beiges.  2011 was a whirlwind year, with lots of changes, and Christmas brought home all of our children which in itself fills my heart with love and peace.  

Right now, this is my favorite item in the room. These wreaths are a hot item. with people selling them everywhere (online). I made mine. Glued the paper rolls to a foamcore wreath and added a little modge podge to the inside of the cylinders to give it a little visual weight and light gloss, (notice the shine).  The paper angel is an item I received in a swap from

The wreath is attached to an old florist basket, filled with vintage ornaments and adorned with silver birds.   

Joy, Peace on Earth, and imagine.....the possibilities. What more could a girl wish for at Christmas and for 2012. These birds are real silver, so their aging patina is a nice compliment to the vintage jewels I added to their tail feathers. 


I'm excited about 2012, and I hope you are too! 


vivian said...

Hello!!! I love how this room looks. youre right that it looks very peaceful... and I LOVE that wreath! awesome.. now I want one...
(I want one of everything that everyone has! lol!)
happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Love your decor! Wow!

Karin said...

Beautiful!! Happy New Year!

Pamela Jane said...

Ele, your paper wreath is gorgeous - and a perfect fit for my little angel! She must be quite honored in your lovely room. Happy New Year!

Suz said...

That is a charming room and I just adore that angel wreath!