Monday, February 20, 2012

olio board is an amazing design site that allows you to create an inspiration board, and lets you know where you can purchase the items.
I'm seriously in love.
I recently spent an afternoon in a furniture store aimlessly wandering the aisles for bedroom inspiration. I found little, and the massive bedroom sets (although pretty) provided little in the way of softness and mismatched  look I want to achieve. 

Oilio Board to my rescue!  

I love mismatched. It gets my attention, so the above Olio Board is the bedroom "look" I would like to achieve.

1. I started with basic pieces: luscious tufted headboard, mirrored side table, neutral chair, and large barn wood colored dresser. 

2. I like mixing silver and gold, of which the mirrored table has both. I added the gorgeous gold shimmery chandy, the great London silver clock, the mirror, (which also has silver and gold), and the silver lamp with a neutral shade. 

3. I believe in neutrals, (YES I admit). Boring, boring, boring nuetrals, so the bedding, the rug (nice design), and laundry basket were added next. At this point, I could add more neutrals with lots of texture for a shabby french look, or I could add color. 

4. Since I'm not the only one who resides in this room, I chose to add a little color: purple velvet pillows (which I already have, yay!),  a lime green pillow, a lime tufted footstool that reflects the headboard and has great chocolate legs. With a neutral base, any color would work in this space. And, in the future the pops of color can be changed!

Have fun playing with Olio Board!

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vivian said...

well, I guess I need to go check that out! Just what I need something else on the internet to entertain myself with!
I have a feeling your bedroom will turn out beautifully!
have a great week