Thursday, February 23, 2012

RePurpose and ReUse Shopping Bags

Step by step instructions on how to create this:

from this:

Don't throw away shopping bags just because they have the store name on them. Repurpose and Reuse! This bag has great colors of Red and Hot Pink. I picked out scrapbook paper that had similar shades, only a different design. I like to pair a large print (stripe), with a smaller print.

Cut a strip wide enough to cover the store logo.
Turn the paper to it's back side, lay bag on top, and trace down the excess paper using the bag as your template. 

Trim off excess, by cutting along the inside of the line. 
Glue the paper to the bag by laying a thin strip of glue around the edge of the paper, and a few dots in the center. The key is not to use a lot of glue as the front side will look bumpy. If you do get a little too much glue, don't worry, it will dry flatter then it not wet. Stick glue will work, but over time, can detach from glossy paper. 

Next, you are going to pick trims to cover the edges of the scrapbook paperYou can buy narrow foot long stickers, or sticker backed ribbon from the scrapbook department, or venture into the sewing department for a variety of trims that can be glued down.  
I chose a strip of hot pink rhinestone stickers, and rose colored velvet ribbon. Just about anything can be glued down, except satin ribbon, as the glue will show through.

Next, dip into your old, hardly every used jewelry, or take a trip to the second hand store and find an accent piece for your gift bag. Repurposing old jewelry will literally cost quarters. I chose a lavender colored drop, and some faux pearls, added them to a snippet of velvet ribbon, and glued it on.

If the store logo is on both sides of the bag, don't forget to cover it! However, you don't have to use jewelry accents on both sides, unless you want.

Voila, a bag for you to ReUse for gift giving.

Blessings, Ele  


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I will have to do that the next bag I get :)

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Fabulous idea for repurposing. I just love your version and I shall certainly keep this in mind
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