Friday, September 28, 2012


I admit, I'm obsessed with velvet. Is it the texture, or the sheen?  Maybe the whole package, or maybe it's the fact that in elementary school, I remember wearing a velvet outfit, or two, and in highschool I'm pretty certain there was velvet to go along with those 80's satin pants!  Paired with cotton that has a smooth/ cool feel, velvet gets me every time. 

When setting up my daughter's apartment bedroom, she opted for neutrals with a pop of color. The color she chose; red velvet. Swoon. 

We sewed those pillows into shape, (another item we needed to fit into apartment space, her sewing maching). We actually used the fold over method in the back for an opening and closed it with velcro. That way she can take out the pillow forms and clean the fabric if needed. Here's my tip when making pillows: buy the down alternative inserts. Some pillow forms are extremely uncomfortable, and you will hate them!

The choice of bedspread was something neutral, so any accent color would work. 

Love me some red velvet, and my girl is happy too!


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