Thursday, October 18, 2012

Silhouette (2)

Silhouettes, such a lovely decor topic, that I just couldn't stop at one post. Yes, silhouettes have been around for centuries, and they can have a vintage classical feel, sometimes stuffy, but this next picture shows silhouettes with a modern, colorful twist. 
Black, white, and blue with splashes of vivid pink, orange, and one unexpected pop of red. Oh. how I love this. I can't tell for sure, but I imagine the black chaise in black velvet for luxurious texture.
Silhouettes can made by you for a personal touch, or can be purchased ready to stick, or hang on the wall.

Some basic instructions for making your own silhouette:

*Position child, cat, dog, etc. in profile position, in front of a white wall, (the finished silhouette will face in the opposite direction),
*Take photos , but make sure you are at the same eye level as your subject. You don't want it to look as if you are looking down or up at animal or child. Take several photos.
*Load camera photos to computer and print out an 8x10, or smaller size. You can enlarge photos on a copy machine if you want. Remember graininess of the picture does not matter. The actual picture will not be seen. 
*Use a LIGHT layer of spray glue and attach the back side of the actual picture to a heavy black card stock.
*With a sharp scissors, (smaller the better). Cut along the outline of the picture. Sometimes it helps to draw with a narrow Sharpee marker. Extend any eyelashes, or wisps of hair to add interest. 
*Turn picture over so the black card stock side is face up and check your cutting skills.
*Glue finished silhouette to a white (or even colored), background. Use a light layer of paper glue, or spray glue. 
*Frame, and if you are putting up more than two pictures add a little visual interest with dfferent frames, or frame widths. 

If you don't want to make your own silhouette, many styles are available from etsy

Remember stickers can easily be framed!
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