Monday, October 15, 2012


Just what is it that drives people to collect and decorate with silhouettes? Is it a hint of vintage fashion (my daughter), a little history, the mystery of a person, the beauty and purity of a black image against a white background (me), or caputuring the profile of someone dear to your heart.

Now, if you've never thought about creating and /or decorating with silhouettes just look at this picture from . Seriously, don't forget to breathe.
Why does this wall work? Oh, let me count the ways.

1. Three different main colors: In addition to the black and white the wall is painted a gorgeous blue.  Because silhouettes are 2 dimensional, this gives the wall a three dimensional look. 

2. Additional interest with an array neutral colors: The frames and matte boards are a mix of beige, white, black, green (yes dark green is neutral in this display), and gold (huge shout out for the gold!).

If all the frames matched it would be boring, boring, BORING. Did I say boring? The only time you want to match a wall of frames is if you are putting the pictures on a patterened wallpaper/paint technique and the wall would be too busy. 

3. Textural interest: All the frames are not shiny and smooth. This is a good thing, as Martha Steward would say. The gold frames add a swirly, chunky, ornate feel. 

4. A splash of something unexpected:  Did you notice..............
the yellow frame on the wall? This could have also been achieved with a little pop of color such as a pillow, on the bed, but this frame is pure genius. Kind of jealous it's not my design! 

5. Flow: The use of flow in this collection is superlative.  Look with those wonderful eyes of yours how they naturally move from the wall to the bed.

Now, don't be intimidated and think you have to think about all five of these points to hang up a wall with silhouette pictures. This could cause brain overload!

Here is a simple version created by my girl. Three thrift store fashion silhouettes angled on her wall. Unable to paint the walls, the look is a little two dimensional, but the roses (even though they are not on the wall) become part of the display and add a little color, texture, and dimension. The flow is created by hanging the pictures at an angle.  

Here are a couple of other walls decorated with silhouettes from, and
Do you want to test yourself and play the 5 point game above?
Fireplace wall: 1) three colors are black, white, and blue. 2) additional neutrals with gold, white, creams, and patterns in blue 3) texture in chunky gold frame, wide and thin sleek frames, and the ornateness of the large blue frame. 4) unexpected is the purple hydrangea that is on the mantle (remember what is close by can also be considered part of the grouping). 5) the flow in this grouping is containted (surprise!). Everything is framed inside of the large blue frame.
Beige Hallway: 1) three colors  black , white, and coffee beige. 2) additional neutrals with gold, and various shades of cream used inside the frames. 3) texture in frames, sleek and chunky. 4) the unexpected is the colorful quilt hanging on the chair because it's close enough to be "part" of the wall display. 5) the flow goes from the floor to the ceiling!

When gathering a collection of silhouettes to hang on your wall there are several options such as: aquiring old,  creating new with online clip art, drawing actual people (like your kids), or buying silhouette stickers. Later this week I will provide you with some good links and techniques.
Until then, make it fabulous and classy.
Blessings, Ele 
Coco Channel, "A girl should be fabulous and classy."