Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Coffee Filter Gift Bag

I seriously LOVE coffee.
Not just any coffee; french press coffee made by my husband. For some reason I have stacks of coffee filters, and we my sweet husband does not use coffee filters when making french press coffee. I decided to recycle/upcycle those filters on gift bags.

For this DIY project, I started with plain Jane brown gift bags.
I  used oven safe paper bakeware for the base of the flower, (pic. below). One side of the paper is shiny, the other is matte.  

I crumpled up each paper tin, and flattened it out again.  I positioned the paper shiny side up, matte side down. 
For the next flower layer, I used a coffee filter. I decided to dye them green. I put a stack of filters (abt.25) into a glass bowl, added a few drops of food coloring, and a couple of tablespoons of water.  I waited a a minute or two, drained the water, and squeezed the remaining moisture out of the filters with my hands. Then, I dabbed the stack with a paper towel, to remove any remaining moisture.
I didn't wait for them to dry because the bottom layer (white paper tin), is coated with the shiny wax finish, so it won't absorb the wetness of the coffee filter. Then, I pinched the center of the fiter, turned it into a point, and used tacky glue to secure it to the paper tin. 

Ideas for center embellishments are endless such as: fabric yo yos, rhinestones, flower petals, and jewelry pieces. 

Need gift bags for all of your Black Friday purchases? Add a Christmas themed center, (from your local craft store), to the flower. 

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It is now time for my coffee,

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NanaDiana said...

What a darling use of the filters. I love how they dress up the bag. French press coffee is THE best- I am too lazy to do it for myself- xo Diana