Friday, November 16, 2012

Mirrored Vanity Table

I have this  "thing" for mirrored furniture. Shiney, and pretty, and happy, and ooooh so very shiney. The reflective surface says, "buy me, I want to come home with you." What's a girl to do?

The vanity table is in my bedroom, (going to sew a chair cover, and possibly get a different mirror). The mirrored chest is in my dining room.

I am in the ever so slow process of a bedroom redo. Last year I showed you my Olio board inspiration, and top left....what do we have here? A mirrored side table.  

 Mirrored furniture piece for the bedroom (check). 

Crystal knobs, ooh la la.

I pulled in an exisiting chair from my sunroom. It's a good fit, and is really comfortable, so am thinking I might need to make a velvet slipcover in softer colors. Any thoughts? As I mentioned before, I'm going to swap out the mirror, so stay tuned for a before and after.....I'm going shopping.

Have a fabulous weekend!


NanaDiana said...

Ele- I love those pieces-they remind me of 1940's Hollywood. My son/wife just remodeled a house and they have two separate bathroom vanities that are matched mirrored pieces. They are gorgeous!

It will be fun to see what you do with the chair. Can you actually sit on it and use it with the vanity? Right height and all?

Your inspiration board is lovely- xo Diana

Unknown said...

Hey, that was very nice. I want so share my idea with you, you can also decor your room with mirror and it makes the room look bigger, brighter and more interesting. Thanks for this beautiful and nice idea.