Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Banner

Banners immediately say, "there's a party going on, or something special is happening." I usually have one or two up around the house, and why not? Life is special. One of my banners usually relates to our Midwest seasons or holidays.

Polka dots and owls, in Fall shades of oranges and browns hangs on my kitchen window. 

 To make this banner, or one similar:                           1
1) purchase chipboard base pieces, (the ones I found had the notch-v already cut out of them).
2) Select heavy scrap paper in a pattern you like. My favorite paper is two sided. Even though you will not see the opposite side, it makes the paper stronger. 3) Trace the shape of the chipboard unto the paper, and cut out. 4) Punch or drill holes in upper right and left hand corners of each chip board. 5) Brush on a thin layer of glue to the chipboard, (can also use a good glue stick) and attach paper. 6) punch through paper where chipboard hole is located by using a paper punch, or sharp hole punch tool. 7) Cut foot long pieces of ribbon, and thread through holes by pairing up two chipboard pieces at a time. Tie these two pieces together with knot or bow. 8) On the ends of the banner, attach a longer piece of ribbon for hanging purposes. 9) trim up any paper.
Easy Peasy, right?   Enjoy!    

Blessings, Ele

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Jenny's Heart said...

so festive and cute! I love banners yours is perfect for this month :)