Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simple Candles

Simple white taper and pillar candles are... not simple. 

Wrapped in plain brown craft paper, and draped in seam binding, jewels, lace, and flash card punches; simpleness meet elegance. 

You had me at brown craft paper. Oh the things you can do with brown craft paper, but I'll let you in on that another day!

These candles would be wonderful as wedding favors, or attach a flash card punch of a birthday girl's age and give it to her!

Craft Tips
  • when using craft paper, fold the raw edges to the underside
  • purchase brown paper at any office store (shipping department)
  • glueing paper directly to the candle is tricky, so overlap paper and glue paper to paper
  • when attaching something heavy use a pearl head pin
  • to crinkle seam binding, put it in the palm of your hand and squish 
  • use glue that dries clear when attaching lace (Elmers glue stick works)
  • as you can see in the picture, don't throw away jewels with missing rhinestones....they work!
Do not burn candles with paper adornments attached!

on a personal note...I do not have any items for sale as I have been spending a lot of time with my family. Next year I will be an empty nester and I have been breathing in every moment of my sweet girl. I know I haven't been posting very often and I have halted my sponsors as it's not fair to them, but from now on, I plan to update once a week, so please visit often.
Blessings and many thanks to all of you who stop by,


NanaDiana said...

Cute ideas, Ele. I wondered what had happened to y does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it? I don't blame you-spend every last precious moment of "childhood" with them that you can...once gone your life changes~ xxoo Diana

Recycled Rita said...

I love them! I do the same thing, dress up my candles. They make a great hostess gift too! karen....

Judi said...

Hi Ele
I know what its like to be an empty nester. Although it becomes a lovely time to do those things we've thought of...well not have to do things we didn't want to do...or...the time we think we'd like to have for day...when the time actually comes its hard to give up all that you have become used to...having the little family to look after...although you never quite stop looking after will always love them and cherish them and wish the best for them...worry for them...but. *hugs*. I miss not having my guys with me still and they are not far away... I'm glad you have spent extra loving time with your family.

The candles are lovely...those white tapers become wonderful romantic and special gifts.

It'll be so nice to see you here again.